With a degree in Journalism and 20+ years of experience in media, including marketing, TV, newspapers and PR, I am well-placed to help when it comes to writing,  TV/archival research, academic proofreading or copy editing.


Nothing excites me more than a book project! So far, I’ve edited a sales advice book for a private client in the field of dental marketing, edited the second edition of an astrology reference classic for the Urania Trust, and written a technical user manual for a software package on behalf of a London publisher. More recently, I worked with The Aspinall Foundation to create a coffee table book to mark their 30th anniversary and spent a year researching the early life of an Australian folk hero as part of a biographical book project. See the Publications page for more information.

Having learnt a lot about self publishing, I love nothing more than using my knowledge & expertise to help others get published. I also love designing book overs and layouts using Photoshop and am quite a pro at Kindle/ePub conversion. I also do website creation using WordPress/Wix templates and SEO writing. If you need help creating a simple but effective website from scratch with a limited budget, I can help!


A seasoned academic profreader, I have worked with many students, especially those whose first language is not English, to polish their theses and dissertations. I also regularly freelance for a London-based publisher of educational material, so am used to following strict in-house styles and conventions.


My background is TV journalism and current affairs research – I have worked for the South African national broadcaster, as well as a national newspaper group in London.

Not so long ago, I did some stock footage and archive research for a Sarah Brightman retrospective DVD; and I also helped to secure interviews and case studies for a 2015 documentary on Princess Diana that was broadcast on NHK in Japan.


I can produce all types of content, from:

  • Digital (website content, news articles, product descriptions) and social media (blogs, posts)
  • Marketing content – brochures, articles, press releases etc
  • Informational/educational – ebooks, information sheets, pamphlets
  • Technical content  – user manuals, product brochures
  • Long form – features, books, ebooks


  • Kindle and eBook conversion
  • Book design and layout for Createspace, Lulu and other self-publishing platforms
  • Website creation using WSYWG platforms like wordpress, Wix etc
  • Graphic Design – images for your book, website or cover
  • Videos for use on social media like YouTube


I also have an MA in Cosmology & Divination and have had several articles published in the field of astrology and esoteric research. See my Publications page for more information.

Passionate about ancient history, and the connection between archaic belief systems and cosmology, I am always open to research and writing or editing projects in this area. I also have experience in producing sun sign horoscopes and astrology columns, so contact me if you are interested in commissioning either monthly or weekly horoscopes or features on astrology for your publication or website – I would happy to ghost-write these for you or give you a quote for hosting a regular column.